Multi-discovery Tours is specialized in the reception of tourists and organizing tours to discover the best and the famous places in Morocco. Due to our awareness of the desert and nomadic life, we can take you to the heart of Moroccan Sahara desert in Merzouga or Erg Chabi to discover the highest dunes in Morocco and the second biggest ones in the world. In there you have the chance to enjoy the best moments and unforgettable adventures. While being in the desert, you also have the chance to experience a camel ride to the oasis and spend your night under millions of stars. This would be really an unforgettable adventure through which you can break your daily life routine and forget everything that may cause you a kind of stress or the a feeling of being bord.

Our tour  are designed so that you get to spend time and enjoy a wide selection of activities, experiences and accommodations.

All of our tours in Morocco are tailor-made, private tour, family, and kids flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. you travel at your own pace and have the flexibility to stop wherever you want and for how long you desire taking pictures and enjoying the sights along your way. the tours can be taken whenever you desire.

These morocco tours can be tailor made according to your preferences and can start and end on any day of the week or at any destination in Morocco. best of all, there will be no other travelers joining you, allowing you total freedom with regards to the time you spend at the different sites.

Please check into the sample of Multi-Discovery Tours categories listed below, which are undertaken in private, modern, and comfortable 4×4 or mini van vehicles with one of our expert English speaking drivers. Feel the total flexibility and confort travelling with one of our expert team that love their country as their mother and know it as the back of their hands.


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